Monday, October 27, 2008

Pat's bread bowls

Sunday we went to the Buchanan's house for dinner. We each had Chili left over from the Chili cook off, so Patrick said he'd make some bread bowls for our chili. yeah, I said Patrick. I wish Shawn knew how to cook. I mean I wish he could cook anything , ok besides toast. It would be nice not to have to cook day in and day night, for people who only complain about what you make. Ok I will stop now, for I could go on and on. Anyway, back to the bread bowls, they were so good. I like Patricks roll recipe, it the Lion House dinner rolls. Sorry Patrick if I just gave away your secret recipe. I dare say Holly is lucky to have someone who will cook for her. After dinner we played the WII and Holly and Pat played singing star on the playstation. They rocked out to the 80's. They were sonny and Cher! Hey no, They were Donny and Marie!


Phyllis said...

Sounds yummy! Glad you had a good time. I'd love a bowl of your prize-winning chili right now. Yum! You're a great cook!

Shauna said...

Bread bowls to go with your chili sounds awesome :)

Kevin and Aapree said...

Bread bowls and chili is classic! Sounds really good. And congrats on winning third place on your chili! And I promise, next time I see you, I will ask you what time it is. :)