Monday, September 29, 2008

Madison sings at the conference center!

Madison has spent the last couple of Sundays practicing with the kaysville region children's choir. They will be singing in the saturday afternoon session of General Conference. I was able to watch her practice this past saturday at the conference center. We were not able to get close, so unless you had a very good camera you didn't get that great of pictures. I did get a couple though. When I walked into the conference center, I immediately knew where Madison was standing. She was wearing a pink shirt, almost a hot pink shirt. She really stood out in the crowd. Needless to say they "vetoed" her outfit. Its funny though, because they had like two other outfit inspections and they never said anything. That's okay though,it just meant I get to go shopping!!! After the dress rehearsal we went to the gateway to go shopping. Oh and of course Scott had to make a b line straight to the planetarium. I don't know how he can spend so much time, he goes there all the time but he love it. Anyway, we found Madison a soft pink blouse to wear for the conference. Now it will be harder to find her in the choir. She is in the middle section somewhat by the organ. She is looking forward to singing, I'm looking forward to seeing her on TV. :)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Houston we have a lift off!!

Finally!!! We have started to demolish and get ready to build on to our house! I think Shawn is having to much fun demolishing. I am not looking forward to this project, but the end result will be worth it. I'm guessing it will take Shawn about 2 to 3 years to complete this. (I really hope he never reads my blogs) Ok, Well it took him about two years to build a bathroom downstairs, and its a tiny bathroom!

Goodbye to Summer

We had a lot of fun this summer. We went to the Gateway a lot, thanks to Scott and his wanting to go to the planetarium... all the time!! I am so tired of that place, we go there all the time. I do like to go shopping there and going to Build A Bear is always fun. We went to Cherry Hill a lot too, that is always fun. Nicholas loves to swim and just float around in the lazy river. I love fall and winter so I am getting excited for the seasons and holidays. I love decorating my house.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Help!! I'm getting sucked back in!!

ok, school has been going now for 2 weeks and I am already getting sucked back into the world of soaps. I just love looking at Sonny and Jason on General Hospital. I am doing good though, I'm not watching as many as I use to. I would say only the ones between 1 and 3 p.m . I just can't help it, I really need to know who Sonny really loves, and if Jason will ever be with Elisabeth. How is Johnny going to be acquitted of murder, and will Lulu confess? Then on Days you have Stephano who came back from a coma, who knows what he has in store for the town of Salem this time. It really isn't fair to Shawn cause I want him to be romantic like the cute guys on the soaps. I really shouldn't get started back watching them again, but come on, I need a little romance in my life. :)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

It Came!! I Love Donny!!

I Have been waiting for 5 weeks for my package I ordered from Today the wait is over! I got my Donny tote bag and CD!! I love it! the tote bag is a little big, but who cares, I love it. It has Donny on it! He is so cute!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Swiss Days!

This weekend I went to Swiss Days in Midway. First off I want to say, I love that little town. I like the houses there. Midway is so pretty and green I love that. I liked how they decorate for the Swiss days. Now to the Swiss day festival, It was so crowded! I must say there were probably 3000 people there. Most of them in line for food when we went to get food. We just decided to forget eating there and just look at the booths. My parents came up and my sister Sarah was with us. It is so hard to go in a group when it is crowded, because its hard to stay together. It was so hot. Anyway, the booths were cool and they had a lot of cute and should I say, very expensive stuff. We looked at the booths very fast cause of all the people. I ended up getting a dinky little bracelet. The verdict, driving all that way to Swiss Days and trying to see the booths with 3000 other people, uh that's not worth it. I can't wait til next year! :)

I can't wait til the craft fair at the country Barn here in Kaysville, its this weekend.
I did find some great deals at Fashion Bug Monday. I got me some cute clothes! :)