Sunday, January 30, 2011


I just noticed I never blogged about Nicholas's birthday! Yeah that was 2 months ago!! Here is the cake I made for him.
December seemed to fly by so fast as it usually does. I love Christmas and wish it would last a whole lot longer!! We had a surprise visit from Santa !! He came to our house 5 days early and left us a few things. That was truly amazing and wonderful!! I love Santa and his helpers!! We were able to go down to St.George and visit my family. That was a lot of fun, although we went down in the terrible snow storm and that was so scary. I was begging Shawn to stop in beaver and get a motel, but we kept on going. I will never go down in a snow storm again. Its just not worth it.
Starting back up to work in January was a little tough. I liked hanging out with my kids and just having fun. I do love working at the preschool. I work with great ladies!! It makes work fun to go to!! I went down to St.George again with Kim from work and we had fun. I was able to go and visit my sister in law who has been sick from fighting breast cancer. She had her new little grandbaby with her. My niece Kaya had her baby and what a cutie patutie he is!! I love newborns, they are so dang cutie and snugly. That was a fun trip!! Shawn even missed me when I got back. :) Friday night I had a girls night out with friends and it was a blast. I really need that!!
Today in church I felt like the messages being taught were just for me. I feel like I was sent messages from above. It has been tough for us with things going on in our lives, but with a great group of friends that I have, they keep me smiling! :)