Monday, June 28, 2010

Kitchen Makeover!!!

Yeah!! I feel like I have a new Kitchen!! My wonderful and amazing Dad came up and painted my cabinets for me. He worked really hard and he even brought up a couple of his workers to help him. Nicholas was always following him around. It's a miracle he never got paint on him!! (or he even didn't get "into" the paint!) Shawn got some brushed nickle knobs to put on the doors for the final touch. Oh yeah one more amazing thing,......ITS CLEAN!!!!!! Yes! I have a counter! I never knew it was there before! I have actually cleaned through my cupboards and got rid of a lot of junk I didn't need. I have kept my kitchen cleaned for 4 days now!! Believe me that is huge!! I do the dishes right away and clean after myself. Yes, its a new concept for me that I'm hoping to stick with it!! Thank you Dad !!!! You are awesome!! I love you!!