Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Living room Makeover!!!!!!

My living room was in need of a makeover so badly. My carpet was looking so awful. Shawn and I were so fed up with it, that I asked him to just rip it out and I'd just have a ply wood floor! I am so lucky to have a Handy man husband!! He can just about do anything!! He layed down a laminate floor for me!!! He did such an excellent job too!!! It looks amazing and so beautiful!! I can have people over to my house again!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Madi the seamstress!!

Madi wanted a sewing machine so bad!! She gave me all the money she had (which happened to be $22) and asked me to buy her a sewing machine. I was thinking yeah right! We looked every where and to my surprise I found this cute sewing machine at Walmart! It is a singer too! It was only $35. Madi has been sewing up a storm! She made a watermelon pillow at school and came home and made up a pattern to make a popcorn pillow!! She has mended Scott's clothes and is looking for anything to sew!! I guess I had better find her some little projects she can do!