Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Grampy!!!!!

Sunday my wonderful Grandpa will turn 90!!! I love my Grandpa so much. He is the funniest and sweetest person I know!! One of my greatest gifts I ever recieved was from him, my hope cheast. I proudly display it in my home. He made it for me when I was 16. I treasure it and I will always. I have many wonderful memories of him and I am so glad that I have had him in my life for so many years and more to come.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My little Sis!

Here is a cute picture of my little sister Lori. I love to talk to her. She is so funny and she keeps me happy. She lives far away in South Carolina. I haven't seen her in like 2 years. I hate that! I wish I dared to fly to visit her, but I am such a chicken. The best thing about her is that she keeps me real! She tells me how it is. We always have so much fun together, but we always laugh way to much!!

The ultimate Donny tote bag!!

Have you ever saw something that you really wanted, but knew you shouldn't buy it? Well, I found the cutest tote bag on ebay. I love it!! It was really meant for me! If Shawn had a permanent job, I would totaly not even think about it and buy it. I can't spend that kind of money now on something I really don't need. That would be just to selfish of me, so I guess I will just look at the picture and wish and hope that someday I will get it. The picture above is the front of the bag. Don't you think it is way cute? Don't you think Donny is way gorgeous?!!! I love him!!