Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sweet Dreams!!

Wouldn't you love to go to bed with your head resting on this pillow? Better yet, I would love to be wrapped up in this blanket!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

What the Heck!!!

What the Heck!! I am getting so tired of everything breaking down in my life! In the past 6 weeks here is the list of things that have gone wrong.........Washing machine breaks down, unfix able, The oven door broke, in my hands while I was baking. Thank heavens that was fixable. The water heater breaks down, unfix able, needed a new one. At least I know this way cute plumber who installed it for me. :) Shawn finds out he is out of a job. Not so good news, especially during the winter and upcoming holidays. My car keeps breaking down. A new battery later and I thought it was fixed, but sadly no such luck. I wonder how long I can drive my car with the check engine light on before it blows up. It is getting really hard to stay positive when this kind of stuff goes on. I guess its times like these that you really need to stop and count the blessings you have. I am thankful that Shawn is such a good handy man that he can fix most of the problems. So long as everyone is healthy and happy with a roof over our heads, nothing else matters right?

I'm to late!

Ok this year I wanted to be the first one on my street to put up their Christmas tree. I tried so hard to get the kids help me put it up last Sunday but all I heard was..... its to early, or its not even Thanksgiving yet. Well, wouldn't you know it, the neighbor put hers up yesterday!! I am putting mine up this Sunday no matter what anyone else says!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

100th Post!!

Today is my 100th post on my blog! What better day to write it on then 10-10-10!! Yahoo! Wouldn't it be great if I was actually writting it at 10:10 pm! I don't think I will stay up that late to do it. In honor of my 100th post I am going to find 100 things I am grateful for. I noticed at conference a lot of the talks were on gratitude and attitude. I think I need help in both these areas right now. I seem to focus more on the problems I am having rather than looking at all the wonderful things I have. So here goes.........(sorry if this gets long and boring) :)
Things I am grateful for:
1. My Savior Jesus Christ
2. My Heavenly Father
3. The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
4. My Testimony
5. Shawn
6. A husband who honors his priesthood
7, 8, 9, My children
10, 11, My Mom and Dad
12-15. My Brother and sisters
16,17. I have a wonderful Mother in Law and Father in Law
18-20. Awesome Sister in Laws
21. I love that Shawn can fix anything around the house!
22. I have great friends!!
23. Playgroup on Wednesday!! That is a must and keeps me going!!
24. I love my ward
25. I have a wonderful Bishopbric
26. The scriptures
27. Primary songs, I love them!!
28. Donny!!! I could just end it here cause I know there are 100 things that I love about him!! :)
29. My kitty, even though at times he drives me nuts
30. I am so grateful I have a job!
31. Shawn has a job!
32. A job where I can take Nicky with me.
33. Electricity!!!! I would have never made it through life without it!!
34. The pioneers! (they never had electricity!!)
35. The Prophet
36-47. The General Authorities (that was a good one cause it counts for 12) lol
48. I have a house to live in
49. a bed to sleep in!
50. I am grateful that I am half way through this silly list, its way harder than I thought it would be.
51. Television, I do love to watch TV
52. Food!! I do love to eat, as you can tell lol
53. Clothing!! Believe me you do not want to see me naked!!! lol
54. Jewelry!!
55. Education
56. Telephones!!
57. The Internet
58. Vacations
59. cars, I really hate walking everywhere
60. Relief Society.....I would have put this up further on the list but I just thought of it.
61. Washing Machines!! It is kind of a pain having to do your laundry at the laundry mat!
62. Holidays!! I love holidays
63. Decorations to decorate for the holidays
64. Prayer
65. Temples
66. Holy Ghost
67. Stores so I can go Shopping!!
68-71. The Armed Forces
72. Movies. I like to go to the movies
73. Netflix
74. Animal Crossing! the best wii game ever I love it!
75. Microwave
76. Indoor plumbing!! Yes!!!!
77. Shoes
78. Rain, I love cloudy days they make me happy. weird huh.
79. Winter, its my favorite
80. Spring, I love to see the flowers start to bloom
81. Gardens, its fun to eat what you grow
82. Crafts
83. Make-up!! I would look so gross if I had no make-up on!! I'm telling you I would have never made it if I were a pioneer!
84. The pioneers!! they are worth repeating
85. Blogging
86. Diet Coke!!
87. Tithing!! I have a true testimony of tithing !!
88. Schools, I need a break from my kids for a while
89. Hair
90. Air conditioning
91. Heat
92. Sunsets, they are so beautiful
93. Mountains
94. Trees and flowers
95. Pictures
96. Books
97. Disney stuff, I love it all
98. Star Trek
99. I am grateful for anyone who is actually reading this!
100. Yeah I'm grateful that I am done!!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Swiss Days!

Over the weekend we went to Swiss Days in Midway. I love to look at the beautiful houses there. Such a beautiful little town, that must be the reason why I feel like I must go to Swiss Days.
Every year on labor day weekend I get excited to go to Swiss Days, and every year I come back saying the same thing.... What a joke....what a waste of time. It was so Hot and so crowded. The booths were the exact same as any other craft fair. The stuff at the booths were so expensive. It took us all afternoon to drive there and wait and wait in the traffic to get a spot to park and then you have to walk and walk just to get to the booths. It is so crowded you barely can even look in them. The best part was walking back to the car and stopping at 7-11 where we got a Slurpee, and watching Shawn making a mess of his. I probably can look at last years blog about Swiss Days and it will probably say the same thing. See ya next year Swiss Days! Oh, by the way.....there is a craft fair this weekend at the Mutton Hollow Craft barn here in kaysville.....anyone want to come with me!?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Camping Trip

I 'm finally going to blog about or little camping trip we took. When my Dad came up and painted my cabinets, we couldn't stand the smell of the paint fumes and didn't want to smell it all night, so we decided to take a little trip while the smell faded away. I was hoping to stay in a motel at park city and do some window shopping, (money is tight right now so no real shopping for me) Shawn thought it would be fun to go to Hawkins reservoir and camp. The kids liked that idea better. We borrowed Shawn's Dad's boat and went fishing. The kids had a lot of fun. Madi and I thought it would be fun to row the boat. NOT!! It is not fun and it is way harder than I thought it was! On our way home we drove on some back roads in Idaho and came up on some cowboys driving their cattle. We were at a stand still until they could pass around us. It was fun watching them. The kids were so tired on the way home. It was a fun little camping trip.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Grammy!!

It is my beautiful Grandma's birthday!!! She is so sweet and kind!!! I love her dearly! She is now 87!! I still love and cherish the orange teddy bear she made for me when I was like 4 years old. Thanks Grandma for being a great example to me!!! Happy Birthday!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Kitchen Makeover!!!

Yeah!! I feel like I have a new Kitchen!! My wonderful and amazing Dad came up and painted my cabinets for me. He worked really hard and he even brought up a couple of his workers to help him. Nicholas was always following him around. It's a miracle he never got paint on him!! (or he even didn't get "into" the paint!) Shawn got some brushed nickle knobs to put on the doors for the final touch. Oh yeah one more amazing thing,......ITS CLEAN!!!!!! Yes! I have a counter! I never knew it was there before! I have actually cleaned through my cupboards and got rid of a lot of junk I didn't need. I have kept my kitchen cleaned for 4 days now!! Believe me that is huge!! I do the dishes right away and clean after myself. Yes, its a new concept for me that I'm hoping to stick with it!! Thank you Dad !!!! You are awesome!! I love you!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Graduation Day!!

Here are some pictures from Shawn's graduation

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Yipee!! It is with great pleasure that I get to announce that Shawn is FINALLY graduating from the DATC for the plumbing program. It has been a very long 4 years, but he has finished!! Good Job Shawn!!! I am very proud of you!! Thank you for all that you have done for me and the kids!! It's going to be nice to have you home with us more often, but if I know you, you've already planned out what you will do with that extra time. Biking!!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Bragging Time!!!

One of the best things about being a Mom is that you get to brag about your kids!! Well, its my turn to start bragging. Scott and Madi both received awards from Kaysville Junior High. Madison got the Honors award and also perfect attendance. I was surprised at that one. Scott received the High Honors award and also he won the Presidential Education Award!! So congrats to my smarty pants kids! (they must take after thier Dad)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Living room Makeover!!!!!!

My living room was in need of a makeover so badly. My carpet was looking so awful. Shawn and I were so fed up with it, that I asked him to just rip it out and I'd just have a ply wood floor! I am so lucky to have a Handy man husband!! He can just about do anything!! He layed down a laminate floor for me!!! He did such an excellent job too!!! It looks amazing and so beautiful!! I can have people over to my house again!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Madi the seamstress!!

Madi wanted a sewing machine so bad!! She gave me all the money she had (which happened to be $22) and asked me to buy her a sewing machine. I was thinking yeah right! We looked every where and to my surprise I found this cute sewing machine at Walmart! It is a singer too! It was only $35. Madi has been sewing up a storm! She made a watermelon pillow at school and came home and made up a pattern to make a popcorn pillow!! She has mended Scott's clothes and is looking for anything to sew!! I guess I had better find her some little projects she can do!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Awesome Giveaway!!!!!

Go on over to trying to stay calm and enter to win the Oreck steam cleaner!!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Elton John / Billy Joel concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We went to the Elton John/ Billy Joel concert last night!! It was so amazing!!!!! The music was so awesome and loud, oh so very loud!!! The energy solutions arena was sold out! There were so many people there!! The special effects during the concert was so cool!! i liked all the lights. We had the very last row on the top section, boy was it a climb to get up there! I barely made it! We were directly above the stage so we could see what was going on. They also had a huge screen to watch it on too!! My brother had bought tickets and had two extra tickest so Shawn and I went with them. It was like a double date! It was so much fun!! I have had 4 dates with My husband in 4 weeks and it has been so much fun! I think I really do enjoy dating him again!!! He is fun to be around and I have grown a lot closer to him!! I think I love him!!!!! Ok, so in a nutshell, the concert was totally fun and amazing!!! Thanks Big Bro!!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Great Giveaway!!!!

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

Today is my Mom's Birthday!! She is a wonderful person and a great example to me!! I love her tons!! My Mom has so many amazing talents, I wish I would have gotten some of them from her! Happy Birthday Mommy!!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Can you believe he's 40 now!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Shawn!!!!!!!!!

Shawn is 40!!!!! He is now an Old Man!!!! oh, but he is so cute and funny!!!!
Happy Birthday!!!!!!!