Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Well we did it! We finally went on a vacation! We haven't been on one for a couple of years, other than going to St.George to see family. We went to Yellowstone last week. We went with Shawn's family. His parents were unable to make it and couldn't get a refund for the first night, so Shawn and I were able to use their room. We had the kids stay in our cabin and we stayed in theirs for the first night. That was nice to be alone with Shawn. That night we ate at the Canyon Lodge dining room. Nicholas got a coloring book with a map of the gift shops in the park. At each gift shop they gave him a sticker to put in his book. When he got all the stickers they gave him a cute stuffed moose. The next day there we saw 7 bears. We saw a mother bear with cubs and the cubs were climbing the trees it was so adorable. That night we went on the east side of the park and while we were there the road got washed away because of the high river. The road was down to one lane so we had to wait for our turn. We ate breakfast at the cute little diner called the "Soda Fountain". It was so cute. We got Nicholas a junior ranger hat and a badge. He didn't take it off for the rest of the trip. It was fun walking around looking at the hot pots and seeing how beautiful Yellowstone is. We went to one area that had a bridge and the fire hole river . Shawn started fishing it and the funniest thing happened. Tourist would stop and watch him fish and were taking his picture. I tried taking a picture of all the Japanese tourists taking his picture but they moved on to quickly. Nicholas was picking up little rocks and was throwing them in the river and at Shawn. We stayed in a room that had 1 queen bed. The kids slept on the floor. On the way home from Yellowstone we went to Beat World. That was so fun to be so close to the bears. One bear actually tried to get in the back of our truck. We also got to feed the bears. They have a few rides that the kids could go on. Nicholas loved that part. We had a fun time on our vacation and it was fun to be there together as a family.

I am the F word Now! :(

Yes, it sadly is true! I am the big Forty! 40! No!!! If you really stop and think about it, My life is half over. Ive been a little depressed about turning the f word, with help from some wonderful friends, They helped me get over my fear of being the f word. For my birthday they took me out to breakfast and we had a girls morning out! It was so much fun! This was one of the best birthdays I have had in years! You know, I'm going to look at it differently now, I still have half my life to look forward to and with great friends and family it will be fun!!