Sunday, September 5, 2010

Swiss Days!

Over the weekend we went to Swiss Days in Midway. I love to look at the beautiful houses there. Such a beautiful little town, that must be the reason why I feel like I must go to Swiss Days.
Every year on labor day weekend I get excited to go to Swiss Days, and every year I come back saying the same thing.... What a joke....what a waste of time. It was so Hot and so crowded. The booths were the exact same as any other craft fair. The stuff at the booths were so expensive. It took us all afternoon to drive there and wait and wait in the traffic to get a spot to park and then you have to walk and walk just to get to the booths. It is so crowded you barely can even look in them. The best part was walking back to the car and stopping at 7-11 where we got a Slurpee, and watching Shawn making a mess of his. I probably can look at last years blog about Swiss Days and it will probably say the same thing. See ya next year Swiss Days! Oh, by the way.....there is a craft fair this weekend at the Mutton Hollow Craft barn here in kaysville.....anyone want to come with me!?