Tuesday, December 23, 2008

All I want for Christmas.......

A clean house.. That I didn't have to clean :)
The dishes done and put away.
My carpet cleaned
Nicholas to be potty trained :)
The kids quit telling me that they are bored
A bigger kitchen, where I actually have room for stuff
Someone to make dinner other than me!
The laundry done for at least more than a day.
Shawn to actually think and care about getting me a Christmas gift before Christmas Eve!
Shawn to write me a love letter instead of worrying on Christmas eve about getting me a gift.
The dog to not have any accidents in the house!!
A new kitchen table.

Donny to be my friend and actually know who I am
Donny to sing to me
My sister Lori to come and visit me!!
For everyone to stop telling me I need to go on biggest loser or that I need to have a gastric bypass.
My kids to stop saying that I am the worst mom in the world or that they hate me.
To be 10 years younger
My 20 year high school reunion not to be in 6 months

To be out of credit card debt
My hair to stop going grey so often
My kids to realize I have a life that isn't centered around them, oh wait I don't have one

I guess you could say for Christmas this year I am asking for a miracle!

Friday, December 19, 2008


I'm finally going to blog about my family trip. We had so much fun!!! the first day traveling down to Sunny California was quite an adventure. The freeway got shut down at the Nevada California border for almost 3 hours. Luckily it was by a mall so we went shopping. We got in California to late to try and go to the beach, so we just went to the motel and went out to dinner and found a target so we could get swimming suits to go swimming at the motel. anyway, the next day we wake up early to go into Disneyland, we had the early entrance tickets, and Nicky has a fever and threw up. I felt bad for him. We gave him Tylenol and took him anyway. The first ride we went on broke down so we were caught in the line for about 35 min. while we were there we ran into Shawn's sister, who had been there since Monday. My Mom bought us tiaras that she found at the mall and she made us wear them on the first day there. Ok I was embarrassed, but oh well I will never see these people again, so who cares right? That was the best day there. Not to many people just perfect. We didn't have to wait very long for any ride.
We ate dinner that night at the Blue Bayou. It's the restaurant inside of the pirates ride. It was so awesome!!! I would say that was a highlight of the trip. The food was so good. The dessert was shaped like a pirate ship and it came with a souvenir sail. The fireworks were amazing!! The made it snow after that was so cool! I totally loved the new Buzz Lightyear ride. It was fun shooting the targets. Friday and Sat were pretty much crowded there and cold. Shawn and Scott stayed til midnight one night. They had tons of fun. We came home on Sunday from California all the way to Kaysville. We left at 7 am and got home at 7:30 pm A long ride! We had DVD's to watch, so it wasn't that bad. My Mom and Dad came with us a brought my niece. We really had tons of fun playing and might I add SHOPPING at Disneyland. It is so beautiful there at Christmastime!! Ps My score is zero cause Nicky just handed it to me

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas at Disneyland

Well, we are off to Disneyland. We love to go to Disneyland at Christmas and see the beautiful decorations. We went there 4 years ago, so its time to go again. I can't wait to see Nicholas's reaction to all of the rides and characters. Hopefully we will have time to go to the beach and play in the sand. We are driving so we have plenty of movies to watch in the car. Ok I should stop blogging and pack the car up. We are just so excited, our two favorite things together, (MY 2 favorite things) CHRISTMAS & DISNEYLAND!!!!!

Happy Birthday !!

Happy Birthday Donny!!!!!