Friday, October 23, 2009

My New Job

I am now a working Mom!!!! I haven't had a job for like 15 years!! I get to work at the Reach Preschool. The best thing about the job is that I am able to take Nicholas with me!! I am finding out however, that Nicholas is a handful at preschool. He wants to play all the time and just do whatever he wants. I have to remind myself that he is only 2 and the other kids are 5. You wouldn't believe how 18 4-5 year olds can totally wipe you out! It seems as though I am constantly talking very loud!! Oh yes, and I am always singing the preschool songs. I get them stuck in my head!! Working with Miriam is awesome!! I can't believe how much I have missed her living next door. It has been so fun working with her. The kids are so cute too!! They are fun to talk to and hear all their funny stories. There are a few kids who are a little out of control but for the most part the kids are so fun. It was nice to get a paycheck too!!