Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Camping Trip

I 'm finally going to blog about or little camping trip we took. When my Dad came up and painted my cabinets, we couldn't stand the smell of the paint fumes and didn't want to smell it all night, so we decided to take a little trip while the smell faded away. I was hoping to stay in a motel at park city and do some window shopping, (money is tight right now so no real shopping for me) Shawn thought it would be fun to go to Hawkins reservoir and camp. The kids liked that idea better. We borrowed Shawn's Dad's boat and went fishing. The kids had a lot of fun. Madi and I thought it would be fun to row the boat. NOT!! It is not fun and it is way harder than I thought it was! On our way home we drove on some back roads in Idaho and came up on some cowboys driving their cattle. We were at a stand still until they could pass around us. It was fun watching them. The kids were so tired on the way home. It was a fun little camping trip.