Friday, August 29, 2008

Hapy Birthday Madison!!!!

Today is Madison's b-day!! She is now 11 years old. Oh how the time passes by so quickly!! One year til she is in young womens. Hopefully I can still be in it with her, that would be loads of fun! She wanted an earth cake so I just finished making her one. She loves to do crafts, (I wonder where she gets that from) and she loves to read. Here she is with my mom. Isn't she the cutest!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Enterprise Corn Festival!!

We woke up Saturday morning and decided to go down to Enterprise to the corn festival. My sister Annette lives in Enterprise. It was a long ride for a one day trip. When we got there we went to the school where the festival was. We made it to late for the car show, but we saw the booths. My niece Jandi took us to her booth, the cheerleaders were selling snow cones. After we went to the festival we bought 2 dozen corn. You cant go all the way down to the corn festival and not get corn! Anyway, we had another reason for going down, my sister gave me her old piano. we only spent like a couple pf hours there then we had to head for home. On the way home, I realized I had left the corn I bought in my mom's car! I was so mad. Poor Shawn got nagged at for a good hour. It was a fun day to see my family and go to the festival, but it was a long day of riding in the truck.

Friday, August 22, 2008

16 Years!!!! Together Forever!!!

Shawn and I were married 16 years ago today!!! Can you believe it?! 16 years. That is a mighty long time. We have gone through a lot together, some good times and some not so good times. I am so lucky to have a great and way cute guy like Shawn. He has stayed with me even though I haven't been such a wonderful wife, mother or housekeeper. He is so cute with Nicholas. I wish more people could see that side of him. I love Shawn's sense of humor, he is always trying to make me laugh. Shawn can fix anything, he has saved us so much money by fixing our cars and house. I love that Shawn is not into sports! I don't have to watch football or basketball all the time. Last year for our anniversary he went to a Donny concert with me. Him actually going with me, Now that is love. I am bummed, this year Shawn has inventory at work so we won't even be able to celebrate our anniversary. I guess I will celebrate it with the best three things I have gotten from our life together, our kids.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Candy!! Candy!! Candy!!

Tuesday we went to the Sweet's candy factory. We had to wear hair nets, which Nicholas loved. It was really cool to see how they make the candy. My favorite part was going into the chocolate room. It smelled delicious! Along the tour they would give you some samples of the candy. YUMMY! I wanted to take pictures but they would not allow cameras. At the end of the tour they gave us each a bag of salt water taffy. There was a store there too, so you know I had to stalk up on candy, especially chocolate orange sticks!! Talk about YUMMY!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008


We went camping last weekend at Hawkins Reservoir in Idaho, its about an hour and half away. We didn't leave the house until 7pm on Friday. Lets just say we put the tent up in the dark. It really wasn't to bad though, with the full moon that night it really seemed light. We had the campground all to ourselves, which was nice. I like to sit around the fire and watch it burn and just talk and have fun. I like the peace and quite and just being around nature and seeing squirrels. I like roasting marshmallows and making smores. If that was all there was I would love to camp all the time, but with camping comes the not so fun parts. I hate sleeping on the ground. I hate the bugs. I hate the toilets that are just the hole in the ground. I hate that there was no water. I mean no water in the bathrooms no faucets and no water at the campground. When you camp with Shawn you might as well camp alone, he will be fishing the whole time. Then, he thinks it would be so fun for me to sit there and watch him fish. Yeah right, He didn't even catch anything. Me and Madi were so bored she started to sing into her water bottle and act silly. I guess you could say the kind of camping I like is camping at Yellowstone. Yellowstone has campgrounds with showers, or even cabins and cute gift shops and even little diners. Shawn could go fishing all day, cause I could go see the hot pots and go shopping! Now, that's my kind of camping!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Are You Kidding Me??!!

I went to the fair on Friday to enter Nicholas in the baby contest. Last year I put him in, but when there are so many cute little girls all dressed up, a boy has no chance of winning. This year they separated the boys from the girls. Nicholas went on stage and while he was walking across the stage he was waving at Scott and Madi and the crowd. He really did look so adorable. He was holding his number and waving it. There were a lot of cute little boys, some with cute curls and some dressed so cute. The Davis county princess's were the judges. when they announced who won, I couldn't believe who the girls had picked. No, not my cute precious adorable Nicholas, but some boy who I must say, was not all that cute. OK, sounds like I may be a little prejudice. we did get a certificate and a ribbon. I did have someone come to me and say Nicky so should have won. Well, he is a winner in my book!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

2008 Olympics

Is anyone watching the Olympics? I have been enjoying watching them. Ok, I so love to watch men's gymnastics. Girls, you gotta love those muscles!! It was fun to see them get so excited when they won the bronze medal. Now, for the girl's gymnastics, the were less then happy to win the silver medal. They were so close to getting the gold, but a few mistakes kept them from taking the gold from the Chinese. Ok, I totally think that the Chinese team is cheating. Helloo, their girls look like they are 13 or 14 years old. The legal age to be in the Olympics is 16.
Anyway i am just saying if they would have a little girl lip sync to a song she isn't singing, because the real girl singing isn't cute enough, they totally would lie about their girls ages. I am so amazed at how fast Michael Phelps can swim. He is so amazing and fun to watch. My favorite thing is to watch how excited they get when they win.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Science Expedition!!

We drove up farmington canyon for a little science expedition. Scott was told that the mountain was actually a volcano. We have had discussions whether it was true or not. My friend Julie said she'd take us up to the top to see what kind of rocks we could find. I was totally freaked out. I hate narrow windy roads, especially when there are these massive cliffs. I must say I did pretty good and didn't EEK (as Julie would say)to much. Are you kidding me, I was screaming inside. I didn't want Nicholas to see me scared so I kept quiet. The pictures I took of the cliffs do not do it justice. I was not going closer to get a better picture. When we got to the top it was like going to the clouds, all you could see were massive clouds. The view from the top was so beautiful and it was cold. So refreshing after these hot days. Scott found a bunch of rocks he brought home with him, to study and see what kind they are. On the way up we saw 2 baby deer. They were so cute. The drive was fun. We were serenaded the whole time by Nicholas, who I must say was having the time of his life. He loves to be in a car and ride in them. We took the back road that takes you to the bountiful mountains and came home through Bountiful. The Bountiful side was almost as scary as farmington, especially Dead Mans Curve. There are a lot of cars at the bottom of the cliff where people have fallen of. We had a lot of fun on our little adventure, but I am glad to be safe and sound on the ground.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

20 Days and Counting!!!

Today there are 20 days til school starts!! I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand I hate for my kids to go I get all depressed and lonely. I love to hang out and play with my kids. I have had fun taking them to cherry hill and the planetarium and shopping. On the other hand, this year seem to be hard because they are both getting older and very moody. I guess its those teenage years coming into play. I am tired of the kids saying how bored they are and I am tired of watching Super Y and Clifford and Dragon tales. Yes my kids still watch those shows. I am tired of the kids getting on each others nerves and I am tired of them fighting. This is the first year that I am actually excited for school to start. I love my kids, but it will be nice to have some quiet time and time alone with Nicholas, the one child who is to young to back talk you and tell you they hate you. It will be nice to have time to myself and I can watch Dr. Phil and General Hospital again, although if I have gone all summer without watching soaps Now would be a good time to stop watching them. The best part about school starting is that I get to go school clothes shopping!! I get to go shopping for school supplies! I don't know why, but I love to buy school supplies!!