Sunday, December 18, 2011

All I want for Christmas...........(revised)

Hmm... I found this Christmas list from two years ago, lets see what has changed.

A clean house.. That I didn't have to clean :) Still want this for sure!!
The dishes done and put away.
My carpet cleaned.......we put in wood floor and I love it!!

Nicholas to be potty trained :)Yes!!! Finally
The kids quit telling me that they are bored
A bigger kitchen, where I actually have room for stuff ....Bigger kitchen, just a bigger mess right?

Someone to make dinner other than me! Take out!!
The laundry done for at least more than a day.
Shawn to actually think and care about getting me a Christmas gift before Christmas Eve! well, its Dec. 18th and he is starting to plan his shopping day...on Christmas Eve!

Shawn to write me a love letter instead of worrying on Christmas eve about getting me a gift.
The dog to not have any accidents in the house!! :( No dog...he got ran over.

A new kitchen table.
Donny to be my friend and actually know who I am....At least I got to see Him in May!!!!
Donny to sing to me
My sister Lori to come and visit me!! Well, she moved closer..she's in Texas now.

My kids to stop saying that I am the worst mom in the world or that they hate me. They are teenagers, what do you expect. One day they will know what a good Mom I tried to be!

To be 10 years younger.   Who doesn't want this?
My 20 year high school reunion not to be in 6 months Didn't one missed me anyway
To be out of credit card debt. 
My hair to stop going grey so often.  I just get to buy hair dye more often!

My kids to realize I have a life that isn't centered around them, oh wait I don't have one
This year I would love.....
Shawn to keep his job.
Me to keep mine!
Scott to finally get his Eagle and Driver's license.
**you know what, thats it!! After a couple of rough years, I'm grateful for what I have!! I have my family, we are all somewhat healthy, and a home. To some I may have it all!
I guess you could say for Christmas this year I am asking for a miracle!  Well, maybe I'm a little closer to a miracle....then again, maybe not!


ok, I must be so busy or in a little bit of depression. I didn't even bother to blog about Donny! Yes, My Donny!! His birthday was Dec. 9th!! Happy Belated birthday!