Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Madison!!!!

Happy Birthday Madi~!!! Yeah!!!! I am so excited for her to turn 12!! Now she gets to go to Young Women's with me!! This will be a year of changes for Madi, she is starting Junior High!!

Next will come the girly stuff, hair make-up, boys----- wait NOOO!! No boys yet. She's way to young for that!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Happy 17th Anniversary!! (wherever you are!)

Today August 22, is our 17th wedding anniversary!! 17 years!! It doesn't seem like it has been that long. This year Shawn is gone to somewhere in Montana working. He will be gone until next weekend. Its kinda sad that we won't be together this year for our anniversary, but then again we didn't even celebrate last years.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Girls Camp Rocked!!!!!

Ok, I loved Girls Camp!!! I must say it was one of the best Girl's camp I have ever been to!! It was so much fun and spiritual too! I great combination of both! I really need to be there to listen to all of the messages that were given.

The theme this year was "He Loves Me". Each ward was assigned a flower and Our ward were the Callalilies. Callalilies mean ideally pure and beautiful. We loved that. We each got a backpack with a journal and a flower pen. Our color was Hot Pink so we called ourselves the Hot Pink Ladies! It was fun!!

The first day we play some "getting to know you" games together as a stake. We played human fuse ball. That was fun!! We did alot of cheers at camp. By the last day I was cheered out! That night we had a guest speaker come and talk about her experiences with her health issues and how they had affected her. She was great. You coul really feel the spirit so strong!

The next day was hiking day! I stayed at the cabins and read my donny book. The hike was about 3 miles and was up hill. I knew I wouldn't be able to make it and it would be way to embarassing to even try. The girls seemed to have lots of fun though. We made crafts! Now anyone who knows me, knows I love to make crafts!! We made note cards and magnet boards and a few other things. That night we had a concert by Greg Simpson. He was so awesome! I loved his music. He sang and talked about his experiences. After the concert we went back to the lodge and there was a chocolate fountain waiting for us!! Talk about yummy!!

The next morning we had workshops by the Stake. They really went to alot of work and I really enjoyed listening to the talks. That afternoon we made duct tape bags. They turned out so cute and were lots of fun to make. That night we had the Stake President come and talk to us.

Oh, The food was faboulous!!! So yummy!! The first night we had an Asian buffet!! I've never been to a girl's camp where they have fed you so well!! Tin foils dinners, salad bars and bajion mexican buffet were all great too!

I think the best part of girl's camp is sitting around the fire just talking and being with the girls. I loved playing the games with them. Ok, yes I do get to involved with the games, but that makes it all the more fun!! (remember girls, what happens at girl's camp, stays at girls camp!) The best night is when we have testimony meeting and share our feelings with each other. You really get to know the girls on a completley different level when your at girls camp. We have some truly awesome girls and I love all of them!!! I was so glad I was able to go and be there with the young women and it was so cool that Madi was able to come too!! I was so busy having tons of fun and having spiritual uplighting moments, I completley forgot to even take any pictures!! Bummer! But the memories will live on forever!!!

Sunday Night Dinner

OH my what a night! I made roast, potatoes, cooked carrots, delicious squash from the garden, salad, homeade rolls and yes, homeade Cinnamon rolls!! I don't know why I go to so much work to make a nice meal on Sundays when I know no one appreciates it. I have to call and call out for everyone to come to dinner. tonight Shawn refused to come and eat. I think he should have a least given me the courtesy of at least coming in to sit at the table with the family. He say's he hates my roast and never wants to eat it again. Well, when the budget is tight you need to eat what you have available in your freezer!! If one of the kids pouted like that he would have made them eat it! He said I was being ornery so he didn't want to be around me. You think?! whatever! Next sunday He's making dinner!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I'm A Winner!!

I won the portable DVD player at Trying to Stay calm!! This is so exciting!! I cant wait to get it!!
Thanks Shauna!! you are the best, I love you!!!