Saturday, September 22, 2012

Lucky or Blessed?

The other day I just happened to get on facebook at the right time! I saw a contest on FM100. It said like this page and email us for a chance to see "The Piano Guys"!!! Wahoo. I had actually entered the contest weeks prior but didn't win them. Here was another chance. I didn't think much of it because I never win anything! Well, I entered and I won!!! I won two tickets for "The Piano Guys" concert that was playing that night!! Their concert was even being filmed for a PBS special that will air in December!!
Here is the really "Blessed" part of the story. I have been depressed (that's no secret if you follow my blog) I have been walking at night to help clear my thoughts and to help me feel emotionally better. The only music that I would listen to were "The Piano Guys"!! Their music just seemed to calm my spirit and help bring peace. Madison loves The piano guys too! In fact she is the one who told me all about them. She has been practicing the piano so hard to learn to play "Waterfall" by Jon Schmidt. Her therapist just told me to do whatever I can to get her to a Piano Guys concert. I'm thinking, yeah right! I don't have money for that! Hello!!! We were so lucky or blessed to have won these tickets!! The concert was so awesome! I loved it!!! It was at the Red Butte Gardens. I had never been there so I was unprepared for how cold it would be that night. Luckily, Shawn's uncle was there and he gave me a blanket to use! How sweet was that!! It was such an amazing night, one I will never forget!! Thank you!!!
*Sad thing is, we totally saw Steve Sharp Nelson at the opening of City Creek and we didn't even know who he was! That might have been our only chance to see him up close and personal...bummer.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

And so it begins..................

And so it begins....the year I have been dreading!!!Oh My!!! I am so not ready for this!!! Help!! This is Scott's last year, yes I said LAST year of high school!! Help! when did this happen?! I feel like he should only be a sophomore or if anything a junior...not a senior!! What am I going to do? Not only is Scott a senior and enjoying his last year of high school, my baby is going to kindergarten!!! Help again! What am I going to do without my little Nicky!!! I love having my kids around me and knowing exactly what is going on. I love making sure that they are safe by my side. This is going to be quite the challenging year for me. I'm going to have to cute loose some of the apron strings I have on both of them. I just hope they both still need their Mommy.