Friday, November 20, 2009

My Gratitude Journal

Thanksgiving is now less than a week away. Lately I have been noticing on facebook that a lot of people are writing down things they are Thankful for. As I have been looking back at the year and thinking of all the things that has happened to us, I can see how easy it is to stop and get stuck in the self pity mode. This year has been a tough one. Almost comical in a way. I can't believe how much can go wrong in one year.
Here we go: Shawn losing his job in January. Oscar gets ran over by a car. The TV breaks. The oven breaks down. The water heater breaks down. The iron breaks. ( That's a big deal in this house, Shawn loves to iron his clothes. P.S I'd do it for him, but he doesn't like the way I iron) The key to the car breaks in half. The dishwasher broke. The cabinet was starting to fall apart under the kitchen sink. there are a few other house problems we need to deal with. Constantly telling the kids no I can't buy you that because there isn't enough money right now. My brother calls me and invites me to go to Billy Joel's concert and then it gets postponed. The list could probably go on and on.
But after writing this list, I realize how much worse things could be. I truly am thankful for all the things I have been blessed with.
I am so thankful for my Savior and all that he has done for us. I am thankful to be a member of his Church and to have the Gospel in my life.
I am so thankful for Shawn and all that he does for this family. He works so hard everyday and comes home so tired and then he goes to school. He makes a lot less than what he was making and he works so much harder, and he never really complains about that. I am thankful he has a job. I am so thankful that he is a great handy man!! He is able to fix most all the things that breakdown in the house. I am so thankful he can do all that it saves us probably a ton of money. I love to watch him play with Nicholas he is a great Dad!!
I am so thankful for my kids. Madison is always writing me the cutest notes and She leaves them on my pillow. Scott is fun to watch Star Trek with and Nicholas, well, he is just so full of fun and happiness and so much love!! I now realize how much I needed him in my life.

I am so thankful I have a house! I love the luxury of having a warm place to sleep and having a bathroom and electricity!!!! ( a lot of people in the world don't have that kind of luxury)
I am so grateful that I live in this beautiful country!! I am grateful for a great family!!
I have wonderful sisters I can talk to and they are there for me when I need them. I have a wonderful Mom and Dad. My brother is Nicholas's hero!! He loves him and talks about him all the time!!
I have great in laws!! Shawn's Dad and Mom are always there to help out whenever we may need them!! They are so awesome!!
I am very thankful for my ward. I have a lot of good friends I have made.
This list can go on and on forever!!!
When you start to think about how much your life has been blessed it becomes overwhelming to see how wonderful things really are. The bad things or the things that are not going right in your life seem to get smaller and are just a little inconvenience. I think I will start a gratitude journal and write down a few things everyday to help keep me positive and not focus on the things that are going wrong. I know that will help me from getting stuck in that self pity mode!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Vote For Donny!!!

Donny needs our help!!!! Vote for him tonight!!!