Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bear Lake

Over the weekend we went to Bear Lake. Shawn's sister Melissa invited us to go to a cabin that she had for the weekend. The cabin, more like a log house, was way more beautiful than I had imagined! It was huge!! Each family was able to have their own rooms and even the some of the kids had their own rooms. There was a huge Kitchen with cute log tables to eat at. We each took a turn providing a meal for everyone, which made it really nice and less stress! The kids had a lot of fun playing upstairs in the game room. It had a pool table, fuse ball and a TV that was hooked up to the wii. Saturday we went  sledding and everyone had so much fun! Well, that is until Shawn's Mom went down a super steep hill and landed in a sink hole. She twisted her ankle and got a few scrapes and bruises. We spent most of the time in the theater room rocking out to Rockband 2 on the Xbox! We played it so much, that one of the kids came in and said it wasn't that good to be addicted to playing it so much! It was really funny to see Shawn's Dad rockin out!! I didn't know he liked music so much! Shawn's sisters did a great job singing too! Me and Scott went and sat in the hot tub. How fun to sit in a hot tub when there is snow all around! It's fun until, you get out and have to walk in the snow to get back to the house. It was a great weekend just relaxing and visiting with each other, oh yeah and I tried to go shopping, but all the stores were closed for the season. Bummer, I guess it just saved me some money though.

Reading your's a dangerous thing!

Oh my! The thing about blogging or keeping a journal is that you can go back and read what you have written. That is a dangerous thing!!  I don't know how to describe how I am feeling after reading a few I wrote when I started this blog.  Should I cry and be depressed for all the things I thought would have happened by now, (like our addition and being better off financially) or should I laugh hysterically because I thought that!! A while ago I went through and read my journal that I wrote in when I was a young girl. I was amazed at what I read. I must say, I did not like what I had read. I never thought that I was a depressing person, but after reading my journal, I came away feeling so sorry for that person. Not for what they were going through, but for how depressed they (I) sounded. I must have this need to write when I am feeling down. Note to self; write when you are feeling happy too!!!  I do not want people or who ever if any that read my journal to think that I was a depressed person. The years when I was dating and in college were great! I was so happy and full of life and so close to the spirit, I want to feel that way again!! One good thing, you can look back and see what you have accomplished and what you have taken for granite! I think I will take away from this, is that I should ENJOY what is happening NOW! Its okay to feel depressed or sad, but don't let it take over! Enjoy and appreciate what is good in your life now and look forward to more that will come. yeah, we have had a couple of bad years and we may more to come, but I will try and face it with a positive attitude. Attitude is everything right!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Time to tell you something about my cutie husband. He will buy anything someone will try to sell him! We went to St.George for Thanksgiving and while we were there we went to a craft fair. There was a booth there selling weird rock lamps. I quickly passed it and thought to myself those are ugly, who buys that stuff? Well, to my surprise, MY husband bought it! They are actually Rock Salt Lamps from the Himalayans. It is suppose to purify the air quality in the room and he thinks it is suppose to help you sleep better. Really?! That thing lights up the room, I can't sleep at all when he has his precious little lamp is on. Not only did he buy one for our room, but he bought another one for Scott's room. I'm glad Shawn does not go shopping more often!! No more craft fairs for him!