Sunday, May 8, 2011

I saw HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YES!!!!!!! I saw DONNY!! I was debating all week if I really wanted to fight the crowd and get up early and wait for hours in a line to see him, and I decided not to go. I've been ornery and depressed and didnt want to go. Well I woke up saturday with a migrane and really knew I wasn't going to see him now. He was to be at Walmart at 11 am and I woke up at 9. I thought that there is no way I could get in line and see him now. Last time I went to see him I went 2 hrs early and was still about 50 th in line. Well about 12:30 I decided to just run to walmart and run in and just look at him, but when I got there the line was so short I just got in line with the kids and went for it!! I talked to him!!!! Yeah!! He said Nicholas was a cute kid! and He liked my Donny earings!! What a cutie he is!!! I love my DONNY!!!! Yeah!!