Monday, August 18, 2008


We went camping last weekend at Hawkins Reservoir in Idaho, its about an hour and half away. We didn't leave the house until 7pm on Friday. Lets just say we put the tent up in the dark. It really wasn't to bad though, with the full moon that night it really seemed light. We had the campground all to ourselves, which was nice. I like to sit around the fire and watch it burn and just talk and have fun. I like the peace and quite and just being around nature and seeing squirrels. I like roasting marshmallows and making smores. If that was all there was I would love to camp all the time, but with camping comes the not so fun parts. I hate sleeping on the ground. I hate the bugs. I hate the toilets that are just the hole in the ground. I hate that there was no water. I mean no water in the bathrooms no faucets and no water at the campground. When you camp with Shawn you might as well camp alone, he will be fishing the whole time. Then, he thinks it would be so fun for me to sit there and watch him fish. Yeah right, He didn't even catch anything. Me and Madi were so bored she started to sing into her water bottle and act silly. I guess you could say the kind of camping I like is camping at Yellowstone. Yellowstone has campgrounds with showers, or even cabins and cute gift shops and even little diners. Shawn could go fishing all day, cause I could go see the hot pots and go shopping! Now, that's my kind of camping!!

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Shauna said...

LOL!! I love the things you put on your blog Jenny! You make me smile and laugh! Hey you can actually get hotels or cabins that look like the outdoors :) And I agree with you showers and shopping are a must :)