Thursday, July 3, 2008

Scott and scouts

Scott just earned his Life in boy scouts. He went to scout camp and earned 5 merit badges. He is on his way to earning his eagle. I guess the hard part is actually trying to come up with an eagle project that gets approved. He will be busy trying to find one. I love getting the mother's pins. I wear them all on a ribbon at each court of honor. I guess you could say I am a proud parent. :)


Shauna said...

Way to go Scott that is awesome! We love you very much and are proud of you!

Kevin and Aapree said...

Congrats Scott! Jenny ... welcome to the bloggerhood! I am so happy you started a blog! Thanks for posting on mine. :) We will definitely catch up at the reunion! We will see you there for sure!

Sarah said...

Congrats Scott! Post a picture of Scott and you wearing your pins.