Saturday, February 20, 2010

Elton John / Billy Joel concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We went to the Elton John/ Billy Joel concert last night!! It was so amazing!!!!! The music was so awesome and loud, oh so very loud!!! The energy solutions arena was sold out! There were so many people there!! The special effects during the concert was so cool!! i liked all the lights. We had the very last row on the top section, boy was it a climb to get up there! I barely made it! We were directly above the stage so we could see what was going on. They also had a huge screen to watch it on too!! My brother had bought tickets and had two extra tickest so Shawn and I went with them. It was like a double date! It was so much fun!! I have had 4 dates with My husband in 4 weeks and it has been so much fun! I think I really do enjoy dating him again!!! He is fun to be around and I have grown a lot closer to him!! I think I love him!!!!! Ok, so in a nutshell, the concert was totally fun and amazing!!! Thanks Big Bro!!!!


Sherri said...

I agree it was awesome!!!

sclifford said...

Wow, that is fantastic! Call me..I want to hear all about it! So glad you and Shawn can spend some time together! Very fun!


Sarah said...

how fun!