Friday, November 19, 2010

What the Heck!!!

What the Heck!! I am getting so tired of everything breaking down in my life! In the past 6 weeks here is the list of things that have gone wrong.........Washing machine breaks down, unfix able, The oven door broke, in my hands while I was baking. Thank heavens that was fixable. The water heater breaks down, unfix able, needed a new one. At least I know this way cute plumber who installed it for me. :) Shawn finds out he is out of a job. Not so good news, especially during the winter and upcoming holidays. My car keeps breaking down. A new battery later and I thought it was fixed, but sadly no such luck. I wonder how long I can drive my car with the check engine light on before it blows up. It is getting really hard to stay positive when this kind of stuff goes on. I guess its times like these that you really need to stop and count the blessings you have. I am thankful that Shawn is such a good handy man that he can fix most of the problems. So long as everyone is healthy and happy with a roof over our heads, nothing else matters right?

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