Thursday, January 2, 2014

Lessons learned in 2013

There are a few thing I have learned this past year.
First of all,

It really is possible to fall through your deck and when you do, no one will care, but when your husband gets the shingles, oh the sympathy he gets and dinners brought to him. Hell, I could barely walk and my husband was in Hawaii!
Iv'e learned I can be a little dramatic.
When someone asks you if you need help and you say no and you really do, it's your own dang fault!
No one can really care about you but yourself. Oh, some people may say they will, but ultimately your on your own.
Maybe, some people care about you for awhile. ok, I do have a few friends that I know care and I love them for it.
There are very few people I trust and even fewer men I trust.
You can't rely on anyone to make you happy, or to fix your problems. Its all up to you.
Never put people on a pedestal they will only disappoint you.
No one is perfect and if you think someone is look harder because they are not.
Sometimes bad things just happen.
No matter how hard you try and prepare yourself for situations or for things to happen, it never goes the way you think it will. sometimes its better sometimes its not.
No one tells you the pain and heartache that comes with being a missionary mom. (actually my sister did about 2 months before my son left). It is still hard.
You have to try and focus on the positive and remind yourself to do that many times a day.
Always go with your gut feeling, because it is usually right!
You can not make someone do something they don't want to do even if its the right thing to do.
Prayers can not make someone change their heart.
Think before you speak.
Writing in your journal helps vent out frustrations.
Some problems will never go away.
Sometimes giving up is better.
You may never get a "sorry" from someone who hurts you so bad.
Sometimes you should just keep quiet and deal with the pain.
People get tired of you and give up on you.
Some people just do not listen.
Some people will treat you like you are inferior.
Road Rage doesn't fix the bad drivers, it just makes you even more mad and frustrated.
Listening to The Piano Guys makes everything better, for the moment.
Nicholas' hugs are the best!!
Girls Night Outs are AWESOME and are truly needed to survive!!!!

This year I have to change, I have to change my way of thinking and be more positive. Make peace with the past and move forward as best as I can. Some things will just never get resolved without causing more problems.

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