Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Blog vs Facebook

I use to blog alot. I would blog about the happenings of my life and add a few pictures, really blogging was kind of like my journal. I think with a lot of thing, things come and go. Blogging was once all the rage and everyone was writting. Facebook has come along and changed that, at least for me anyway. I post a lot on facebook, mainly beacause its so simple and fast. I put one line comments and add pictures. One thing I know for sure, NO one reads my blog, but a lot of my friends will read facebook and "like" my status or even comment. I need to continue to blog as well though. I have noticed that blogging really helps me out more than anything. Its good to get things out and to write about your feelings. It is fun to go back and look at the things you have written and see how things have changed. I need to put some of the things I have put on facebook on here as well. I havent written since January and now its march! I need to update!

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