Saturday, December 22, 2012

My kids got Talent!!!

Well, Surprise surprise!! Yes I got Madison to play the piano a the ward talent show!! She played "Waterfall" by John Schmidt. She loves "The Piano Guys"!  She did awesome.  I think everyone was surprised when she got up to play and they were all shocked to hear how well she plays! When she was finished everyone yelled and clapped for her, I was so happy for her. Scott did a fabulous job as the Emcee for the Talent show. What a voice he has. Its funny though, he has so many different voices and I hear them all. At church he speaks in his deep voice. Sitting next to him while he is singing is quite funny. I'm not sure he know if he should sing, soprano, alto, tenor or base...I hear them all. Its funny and I try hard not to laugh.

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