Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Time to tell you something about my cutie husband. He will buy anything someone will try to sell him! We went to St.George for Thanksgiving and while we were there we went to a craft fair. There was a booth there selling weird rock lamps. I quickly passed it and thought to myself those are ugly, who buys that stuff? Well, to my surprise, MY husband bought it! They are actually Rock Salt Lamps from the Himalayans. It is suppose to purify the air quality in the room and he thinks it is suppose to help you sleep better. Really?! That thing lights up the room, I can't sleep at all when he has his precious little lamp is on. Not only did he buy one for our room, but he bought another one for Scott's room. I'm glad Shawn does not go shopping more often!! No more craft fairs for him!

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