Thursday, February 24, 2011

Daddy Daughter Date

How Cute is this?!! I love this picture of Madi and Shawn!! So adorable! Madi was so nervous for the Daddy Daughter Date, little did she know was that Shawn was probably more nervous than she was. When Shawn found out that there was line dancing, well lets just say I couldn't even get him to dance at our wedding! I think he really was excited, especially when he came home that night from work with a little gift for Madi...... a pink suede cowboy hat with sequins and a tiara!! How cute is that!! That was so sweet of him to do that! All in all, they had a lot of fun and even won a game. The sad thing was is that only 2 dads showed up for the activity. Well, I guess Madi will always be her Daddy's little girl!


Shauna said...

I love it!!!

my story said...

Cute, cute!!

sclifford said...

How thoughtful of Shawn! I LOVE the picture of him and Madi. That hat will always bring back good memories of her and her Dad!