Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday Night Dinner

OH my what a night! I made roast, potatoes, cooked carrots, delicious squash from the garden, salad, homeade rolls and yes, homeade Cinnamon rolls!! I don't know why I go to so much work to make a nice meal on Sundays when I know no one appreciates it. I have to call and call out for everyone to come to dinner. tonight Shawn refused to come and eat. I think he should have a least given me the courtesy of at least coming in to sit at the table with the family. He say's he hates my roast and never wants to eat it again. Well, when the budget is tight you need to eat what you have available in your freezer!! If one of the kids pouted like that he would have made them eat it! He said I was being ornery so he didn't want to be around me. You think?! whatever! Next sunday He's making dinner!


Sarah said...

No freakin' way!!! Okay, from now on you should come over to my house every Sunday for dinner and I will cook for you. but, leave shawn at home. J is never home so we just usually have PB&J or mac n cheese or something. Mom was horrified about that :)

Aubrey said...

Did you want to kill him? That is so unbelievably rude. I'm so sorry Jenny. Next week, make good food for you and whoever else will come make it and let the rest fend for themselves.

By the way, what's your roast like? I don't see how a roast can ever taste bad! :)

Darren and Accalia said...

I'm impressed that you were able to make dinner at all with a toddler running around! It sounds like it was a beautiful meal, even if your family didn't appreciate it. Next time, invite Aapree over! :)

jen said...

Yeah, I think I would go on dinner making strike... Nothing like cold cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a month to make you think twice! Bad move on his part!
I hope you told him how it made you feel.