Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My little Sis!

Here is a cute picture of my little sister Lori. I love to talk to her. She is so funny and she keeps me happy. She lives far away in South Carolina. I haven't seen her in like 2 years. I hate that! I wish I dared to fly to visit her, but I am such a chicken. The best thing about her is that she keeps me real! She tells me how it is. We always have so much fun together, but we always laugh way to much!!


Sherri - KaysvilleMomma said...

Sounds like a great sister!!!

Shauna said...

Aww... beautiful picture! And she is such a sweet and special cousin too! I l♥ve You L♥ri :) ♥ Hugs!

LadybugLady said...

Nothin' like a sister!! You two look so much a like!

Sarah said...

Wow! An actual picture of Lori! How'd you get her to send it to you? She looks really pretty. I love the hair color. I'm glad you guys are close.

Michelle E. said...

She's so pretty! I haven't seen her for awhile, but I love her hair!

Kevin and Aapree said...

She looks great! I hope she is doing well. :) Tell her hi for me next time you talk!

Anonymous said...


Jodi said...

Me again! The lady that makes the bag sent me an email saying:

"Goodmorning and thank you so much!
I offer these bags with colored handles to make them even more special and unique. I thought I would ask if you have a color you prefer so its unique to you. I have black handled, hot pink, lime green and a pretty turquoise blue :)
I'll be printing later today so I'll need to know as soon as you can :)
Have a lovely day!

ANYWAY...let me know which color you prefer asap and I will let her know!!!!

Happy Thursday!!!♥

Jodi said...

Still waiting on that Donny bag to come!

Thanks for entering my contest! Stop on over and vote on your fave PURPLISCIOUS find!!!! There's some crazzzy purple out there! Hurry though - ends tomorrow!!!!!