Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Swiss Days!

This weekend I went to Swiss Days in Midway. First off I want to say, I love that little town. I like the houses there. Midway is so pretty and green I love that. I liked how they decorate for the Swiss days. Now to the Swiss day festival, It was so crowded! I must say there were probably 3000 people there. Most of them in line for food when we went to get food. We just decided to forget eating there and just look at the booths. My parents came up and my sister Sarah was with us. It is so hard to go in a group when it is crowded, because its hard to stay together. It was so hot. Anyway, the booths were cool and they had a lot of cute and should I say, very expensive stuff. We looked at the booths very fast cause of all the people. I ended up getting a dinky little bracelet. The verdict, driving all that way to Swiss Days and trying to see the booths with 3000 other people, uh that's not worth it. I can't wait til next year! :)

I can't wait til the craft fair at the country Barn here in Kaysville, its this weekend.
I did find some great deals at Fashion Bug Monday. I got me some cute clothes! :)


Sherri - KaysvilleMomma said...

I went to Swiss Days once and it is sooooo crowded!!! I felt like it was more of a cattle call than a craft festival!!! I want to go tot he barn thing!!!!

Aubrey said...

It's worse on Saturday than Friday--we like going Friday nights and I had to miss it this year. I love howy ousaid it's not worth ir and you can't wait to go next year. ;) Awesome, me either.

Shauna said...

Cool! Sometime I want to go check out Swiss Days! Love Ya Lots! Hugs :)